As White as Snow: How to Get Sparkling White Teeth before the Holidays

There’s nothing that sets off a party dress or a smart suit better than a beautiful smile!

But our teeth naturally darken with age – and their appearance can also be affected by the accumulation of surface stains caused by consuming certain foods (berries, tomato and soy sauces), drinks (coffee, tea, red wine) or from smoking.

That’s why teeth whitening has become an essential for so many Canadians wanting a brighter, whiter smile.

Does Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Work?

You can buy teeth whitening products over-the-counter, many of which will give an effective lighter result. It’s important to note, however, that these teeth whiteners are provided as a generic option to suit every oral situation, so manufacturers are obliged to make the concentration of effective ingredients lower than you will access in a dental office.

Bespoke Bleaching at Oakville Dental

Under controlled dental office conditions, we can achieve even better results. At Oakville Dental Offices, we make a custom-fitted tray for each individual. This perfect fit not only allows your teeth to be exposed to more contact time with the bleach, but it ensures a complete covering of each tooth surface.

Just Weeks for a Whiter Smile

Dr. Ray Liu, our dentist here at our Sixth Line (River Oaks) and Monastery Drive (Glen Abbey) locations, says there is still plenty of time to get your teeth whitened for the holidays. “Custom trays take just 2-3 days – and effective whitening for most people takes around an hour a day for 1-2 weeks, for really nice results,” he explains.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Dr. Liu also recommends an oral hygiene appointment prior to whitening. “Bleaching is just one part of the story,” he says. “It’s a good idea to get a dental cleaning done – and heed advice about ensuring the best possible oral hygiene at home, before you start. If you have plaque and tartar on your teeth, it can limit the result of the teeth whitening process.”

Afterwards, maintaining great oral hygiene is again important to reduce any sensitivity you may experience. Appropriate toothpaste for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyne®, can also help.

Know someone who would appreciate a bright, healthy-looking smile? At Oakville Dental Offices, we can also provide gift certificates, making a special holiday present for family or friends.

Call to arrange an appointment or visit Oakville Dental Offices today. We’ll be delighted to see you at either our River Oaks or Glen Abbey locations, to get started on your sparkling smile right away!

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