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Oral and Laughing Gas Sedation Dentistry in Oakville for Your Comfort

Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with dread? Do you feel nervous or anxious during the time leading up to a dental appointment? Our dentists use medication to help patients with dental fears relax while receiving dental treatments. We offer sedation dentistry in Oakville in the form of oral medication and nitrous oxide sedation for patients who are apprehensive about going to the dentist or receiving certain dental treatments. Some people put off getting dental care for years because of their dental anxieties, but modern sedation techniques and treatment methods allow you to have all of your dental needs attended to while in a state of calm and relaxation.

Is Oral Sedation Right for You?

Oral sedation provides an excellent option for patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety. Patients remain alert and responsive during treatment, but may feel sleepy. Oral sedation allows most people to remain calm and sit quietly while the dentist is working. Many patients who experience oral sedation report that they have difficulty remembering the treatment the next day. If you're looking over the available options for oral sedation dentistry at Oakville Dental Offices for your procedure, but feeling unsure of whether it’s the right choice for you, consider the following benefits:

  • No needles are involved - There are absolutely no needles involved in the administering of oral sedation. Rather, Dr. Liu will prescribe a pill for you to take an hour before your procedure to help you remain calm during the course of your treatment.
  • Amnesia - The oral sedation we provide contains a large dosage of Benzodiazepines, which will make you feel drowsy and have nearly no memory of undergoing the procedure, effectively combating any dental fear of being fully awake and cognizant.
  • Oral sedation is a safe option - Oral sedatives are federally regulated, meaning they have been certified as a safe form of sedation.
  • Low cost - Oral sedation is similar in cost to inhaled sedation (laughing gas) and a much more cost-effective option than IV sedation or general anesthesia.

Oral sedation is not right for everyone. You may feel somewhat groggy for a few hours after treatment until the sedation wears off. Please be sure to keep in mind that oral sedation should not be used by patients who have to drive or return to work after their appointment, as it’s unsafe to drive while still experiencing the effects of oral sedation. Our patients’ well-being and safety is our number-one priority!

We Also Offer Inhaled Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Inhaled nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” offers the perfect option for patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety and must drive or return to work immediately after treatment. It increases your threshold of pain tolerance and helps you to relax while the doctor is working. After treatment is complete, the effects of inhaled sedation wear off almost immediately and patients can resume their normal activities.

Trusted Sedation Dentistry in Oakville

Going to the dentist for certain dental procedures doesn’t have to be an anxiety-riddled experience. Sedation dentistry makes it possible to sit through a lengthy procedure in a more relaxed mood. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of sedation dentistry, you should also experience less discomfort after your treatment. To learn more about our options for sedation dentistry in Oakville or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Liu, please contact our office. Our staff would be more than happy to go over both of our sedation dentistry methods with you in greater detail to assist you in selecting the right one for your specific needs.

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